Sunday, 21 February 2016

Clash Of Clans

Why people should play Clash Of Clans

Lots of people think that games like clash of clans can cause illnesses, such as ADHD. But they can also be a cure. People should play Clash because Clash Of Clans is a fun and interactive video game that can be healthy for you. Supercell says more than 20,000 people play clash of clans every day. Researchers such as Douglas Gentile say that strategy games, like Clash Of Clans, Improve eyesight, develop new brain skills, and decrease aging process. Dan Guarini in a blog post on the Huffington Post shows that playing video games can have lots of good effects, like causing kids to get better grades.

Lots of people love video games, and it is true that too much screen time can cause extreme boredom, ADHD, and headaches. However, Guarini says having about 1 hour a day may make you smarter. If you ask your doctor how long should you look at a screen for each day, he will probably say no more than 2 hours for the whole day because that is the recommendation of the AAP.  Limited screen time has no known bad side effects. Video games, as you probably know, make people happy.

Clash of clans teaches lots of skills kids need to use for the real world. Lots of people love Clash Of Clans, and that comes as no surprise. In Clash you are a chief, and you own your own village. You can build stuff using three types of currency. You can attack and be attacked too lose or gain money. As you can see, this game would be really fun for kids. As a growing kid, you need this kind of happiness in your life. It is also interactive because you can chat with other people in your clan.

Many parents believe that games like Clash Of Clans are violent and they do not want their kids to be exposed to bad imagery. However there is no blood whatsoever in clash of clans. When a troop dies a gravestone is instantly placed where the troop died. The most violent part in Clash Of Clans is when the troops come in, make a battle cry, and try to destroy as many buildings as possible. When they do this the buildings have a purple line above there head and when a troop hits the building the line shrinks until the line and the building disappear.

As you now know, It is helpful for a kid too use screen time, and clash of clans is one of the best ways to use that one hour a day on. Remember, it is the cure, not the virus. So if you are a parent and you are reading this, try to give your kids at least 30 minutes of screen time a day. But remember, not too long at a time.


  1. Cody, you pose a good argument for the benefits of video games. As a thought exercise, might you be able to argue the opposite? It's always good to explore both sides of an issue. Great writing too!

  2. What are some of those real world skills that Clash teaches you when you play?